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Fresh And Fruity Niche Classic Perfumes : 10 Samples Bonus


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Fresh And Fruity Niche Classic Perfumes : 10 Samples Bonus

**Fresh and Fruity** You will not receive the bottles in the picture. The bottles are only to show you they came from an authentic source. FYI: I use 1.5 ml glass vials. I found that the 1ml vials were inferior because of leakage breakabittle over half f fke them to elevate our mood anytime. seriouslyavoided fragrances that smell a nicejuicy authenticity to our fruits. Lets start with: Lotasstandard iris flower on a base of musk and cashmere wood. A brightcherry a fruity musk. A lot of fun. Del Pozo HalloweenSun 2005: Oh our goshthis is wonderf Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Tutti Kiwi 2005: Fresh KIWI wiclear lemonkeeps this fragrance authentic. Kiwi is a hard note to capture but thelemon seems to accentuate it and of course sandalwood deepens it. Sprayaway as these fragrances from Aqua Allegoria are rolls out this night time fragrance. Intense and very classy. Always a surprisebonus NOTE: our perfumes are from the original bottles decanted in a testerile environment winitrile gloves and a one use pipette or testerilized funnel to avoid any contamination. So *I combine on Place your selections into theshopping cart. It will combine and give you the perfect Thanks

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