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Kemi Blending Magic Aqua Regia 100ml Edp



Kemi Blending Magic Aqua Regia 100ml Edp

Kemi Blending Magic Aqua Regia Magic Aqua Regia the mytesterious and almost magical woody chypre fragrance released in 2016 by the Itang that between them have something in common it turns ordinary into something else capable of Laconic bottle of thick glass decorated wiluxurious metal seals with a complex floral ornament alluding to the fact that behind the apparent simpes the complexity and diversity of its sound. In the upper chord thin silky spicy fragrance of the rose is dissolved in fresh citrus bergamot. Cardiac chord suddenly turns camphor and eucalyptus shades softness exciting musk. Whereas the base of the composition gives a deep and harmonious sweet smoky smell of the sacred in the East oud complete wet earthy tones of vetiver warm spicy patchol money back or All For do not hesitate to.

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Kemi Blending Magic


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