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Serge Lutens Perfume Samples Bells Set #1 10 Samples Bonus


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Serge Lutens Perfume Samples Bells Set #1 10 Samples Bonus

**Serge Lutens The Bell Jars*10 samples: 1ml each ** You will not receive the bottles in the picture. The bottles are only to show you they came from an authentic source. FYI: I use 1.5 ml glass vials. I found that the 1ml vials were inferior because of leakage breakabittle over half f exclusive Bell Jarfragrances some hard to find some discontinued. The picture shows just9 samples One is left out on the far left. But there aredefinitely 10 in the collection. Un Bois Sepia This is a clean beauty In a word its a fabi. Another soft skin scent it is alluring andprovocative only It is perfectly smooandblended so nothing screeches out at you. It makes a statement and thatstatement is YOU. A soft sexy interesting you. Serge says: Valuable furs were spread forthe Emperor of China to tread on muddy boots and all. and unforgiving fearless. Yet there issmall windows of vgourmand. It is softer than Louve and less aggressive. Dries downto a very soft rosy vanilla. Lovely. Serge says: In Turkish this translatesroughly as caress the palate. This almond aroma flows throughus as sweetly as the Bosphorus at sundown. Bois et Musc Bois et Musc is an accurate name for this gorgeous eve it to be the e Hoght of the moon. Une voix noire jazz drinks and the night and beyond all thata troubne of white gardenia scented

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