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Serge Lutens Set #2: Niche Perfume Samples 10 Samples Bonus


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Serge Lutens Set #2: Niche Perfume Samples 10 Samples Bonus

**SERGE LUTENS*SET #2 These are 1ml SAMPLES for you to test before buying a bottle of fragrance. FYI: I use 1.5 ml glass vials. I found that the 1ml vials were inferior because of leakage breakabittle over half f and haunting visions. Almost always unisex they are perfect and unusual universes at In this collection: Bas de Soie Meaning silk stockings here is a soft and powdery hyacinand iris. Smoooooand lovely but at the same wh Seems very French and radiates nicely. Gris Clair Another take on iris this one paired wilavender and amber. This formd have produced a ache in the wrong hands but here it is ttle with apricots. The longer it sits on your skin the more beauty So let it unfold by not judging by the first wh It is beauty It is a sexy amber incense well blended and balanced and trd pass it along to you. Leau Froide Cool and balanced ingredients of spearmint and sea notes drydown is cool incense. Very fresh. Clair du Musc This is what a beauty And you will reach for it more and more as you wear it. Always a surprise bonus NOTE: our perfumes are from the original bottles decanted in a testerile environment winitrile gloves and a one use pipette or testerilized funnel to avoid any contamination.

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