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Olibere Parfums Dangerous Rose 100ml Extrait De Parfum


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Olibere Parfums Dangerous Rose 100ml Extrait De Parfum

Obere Parfums within the collection �Les Mythiques Collection. The aroma composition titled Dangerous Rose created by renowned perfumer Luca Maffei inspired by luxurious rose roses where refined beauty and y fragrance combined wisharp spikes. Zagadochnaya beauty of flower as illuminated and dark perfumer regarded as romantic symbol wherein the broken traditional foundations. Beware this red and black queen is extremely exciting and very dangerous. Attraction working perfume from the first moment of sound starting wistupefying almost corporeal combinations passionate sweet flavor passion fruit citrus bitter freshness bergamot and spicy notes pink pepper and cinnamon. After an initial moment of seduction composition reveals its true nature affecting the intensity of sound velvety honey and rose almost mystical power of sweet smoky oud with a sty of spicy patchol money back or All For do not hesitate to.


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